Traditional Thai Royal Massage

About this massage: 

This is similar to Traditional Thai in that the client wears loose clothing. However, the massage is administered with you lying on your side as specific acupressure points are massaged and stimulated up and down your body. First on one side then the other. There are no stretches involved so this is a good choice if you are feeling a bit delicate or not up to being stretched. A lot of attention is given to the head neck and shoulder area, so it is an excellent choice for those suffering from stiffness in these regions. Particularly aches and pains brought about through over use of computers.

What to wear: 

We can provide a loose fitting t-shirt & yoga pants. Nothing apart from underpants need to be worn beneath. Please feel free to bring your own loose fitting clothing.


1HR - £45 
1.5 HR- £65 
2 HR - £85

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