Tok Sen Ancient Thai Therapy

About this massage: 

Tok Sen ancient Thai Therapy is an incredibly soothing massage treatment and very effective at promoting a sense of calm. A special wooden hammer and wedge are employed, and following specific points of the body, a rhythmic tapping is set up which creates a resonance that passes through the muscles and into the rest of the body. This resonance helps to dislodge even long held and stubborn tension. By contributing to release and relax the body a sense of well-being and ease is felt, as a more natural flow of energy is re-established. This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a firm yet deeply relaxing massage experience.

What to wear: 

We can provide a loose fitting t-shirt & yoga pants. Nothing apart from underpants need to be worn beneath. Please feel free to bring your own loose fitting clothing.



1HR - £50

1.5 HR - £70